About me: The person behind the name Sigrid Bradley

My name is Sigrid Bradley.

I am currently a teacher at a local elementary school. I have FODMAP intolerance and other health challenges, but see them just as that, challenges. I believe life is best lived in spite of any deficiencies. Something is wrong with you? Well ok, find out how to live with it, and then go back to enjoying life. I am a student, teacher, and so much more. I am one of those people who easily gets interested in new things. I have a rather strong urge to learn and explore. However, the interests which have captivated me the most and which I intend to share here, are photography, poetry and perhaps a bit on fitness.


Sigrid Bradley

At Tanum hill in Bærum, with my home city (yep, that tiny thing is a city) Sandvika in the background.


I’m a bit of a quarrelsome person, I must admit. It comes with engaging in politics over time. But, I am easily pleased as well. Food easily does the trick, particularly sweets. Food that is safe for me to eat at least. Just because it would be too easy otherwise. Here’s a good example.

Happy Sigrid Bradley with sweets.

Happy Sigrid: Just starting to relish in a new-found delicacy.

Now, there is a certain truth that blogging involves a degree of attention want. However, the aim of this blog is for it to be informative, topical, and hopefully offer a good read and entertainment. I have no need to cry out “Sigrid Bradley!” in every entry. Even if they are founded on my personal experiences and thoughts.

Ett til bilde av Sigrid Bradley

And just so we have had sufficient view of me, another photo of Sigrid Bradley.

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