The FODMAP-adventure: Testing new foods

Then the pure diet time was over. The next step was testing of new foods. It was time for another meeting with nutrisionist Knudsen. I was later to take another breathing sample. During the Meeting we planned what New Food items would be tested and the order they would be tested in. We made a list of this for me to follow. The Logic was that Foods which were likely to og find would be tested first. And any Foods that I either suspected or it was lkel that I would react to, would come later. In this way, my sadly narrow reportoaire would first be expanded. Thus making life a little easier. One of the first Things I tested was bell pepper. It was during my internship at Oslo Handelsgymnasium. During lunch break I went over to the nearest grocery store, bought a bell pepper, and ate it like an apple. This was repeated the following day. The conclusion of testing bell pepper: It was fine. I could now eat bell pepper safely, yippie!.

Testing insufficiently

A few days later my boyfriend cooked a delicious chicken dish With tomatoe and bell pepper. Naturally I was a bit on the greedy side, happy about the savory Food. A little while later I became very ill. Turns out, bell pepper and bell pepper powder in this context were two enitrely different Things. The nutrisionist had told me that items which were dried or canned would be more concentrated that fresh Foods. Thus, I could have reactions to the powder Version even though bell pepper was fine. However, I had not imagined the difference to be so large.

So here I arrived at a New conclusion. Testing was all about focus on detail. It had to be specific and thourough in the aspects of both Choice of foods, and the actual testing of them.

Testing of fresh bell pepper and bell pepper powder proved them to be entirely different things.

These two food items are relatively speaking the same to many people. Apperently not so to my belly.


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So things did get a bit more complicated. But, it should become worse. So stay tuned.

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