The FODMAP-adventure: Celiac Disease for Desert?

As last mentioned it was time for a new breathing sample after the pure diet period. The breathing sample should now have a result resembling that of a healthy person. That was not the case. The doctor called my sample “atypical”  I had not been entirely symptom free so my initial thought was that it simply would take a little more time. However, the doctor suspected I might have celiac disease in addition. Or perhaps some form for gluten intolerance. That had long been my own suspicion as well. During the diet period I had eaten 100% spelt bread on an occation, and been feeling ill for nearly two weeks there after. However, after receiving a diagnose I had put this thought aside. Before I was sent to Lovisenberg hospital most ways of diagnosing celiac disease had been attempted. Every single one of them had turned out negative. The only way to conclude for certain if I had celiac disease would be with an esophagogastroduodenoscopy with biopsy samples. Meaning: another torture method for medicinal purposes. The medieval justice system could learn a lot from modern medicine.

Torture must be used to examine a patient and determine if he has celiac disease

(The Water Torture ? Facsimile of a woodcut in J. Damhoudère’s Praxis Rerum Criminalium, Antwerp, 1556)

Diagnose of celiac disease on hold

Regardless, in order to have valid results of an esophagogastroduodenoscopy I would have to be on a glutenous diet for at least 3 weeks beforehand. At the current time, finally this close to symptom free on my det, I could not stand the though of returning to that hell. Especially not in consideration of the final procedure to end it with. So I made a plan to begin eating flour and other gluten-products for Christmas times. Then at least I would get to have all the Christmas bakeries one last time. Surrounded by all the delicious Christmas food I figured it would be easier to consume food that would cause me harm. So until then, it was just to continue with testing new foods to expand my diet.

Medieval torture methods

The medieval torture methods were frighteningly ingenious. This video shows 25 examples of it. Not recommended for the faint of heart.


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