Resturant Review – Sherryhaugen

Sherryhaugen Diner

Sherryhaugen is localised at Øvrevoll stadium in East-Bærum. It’s within a reasonable walking distance of Lijordet station. The diner had a change of ownership in May 2014, described in this article in Budstikka. It sits nicely on the upper-side of the horse racing course. Through panorama windows alongside the race track we could observe the jockeys practicing in the rain on an early Saturday morning. Sherryhaugen offers plenty of seating both indoors and outside. During favorable weather conditions the entire tribune could be used. There’s also more than enough parking. These factors combined makes Sherryhaugen suitable for more than just cafe visits. Although, the toilets are placed in a separate building which is somewhat cumbersome in rain or snow. I was there in the occasion of a yearly meeting, with roughly 25 people present. We had pre-ordered tapas and my dearest FODMAP-diet list was sent in beforehand as well. So as to make the challenge easier for the kitchen.

First Impression

Walking up the staircase we soon got the impression of entering relatively newly redecorated rooms. Inside, it was both cozy and open at once. One of the owners wished to speak to me to eliminate any confusion regarding my food. Considering, how complicated a FODMAP-intolerence is to one who does not know it, it was an appreciated though. Even if my list is made as self-explanatory as can be, there is still room for mistakes. Therefore I was only happy about this reception. Vi talked through every item on the buffet, and figured out which I could eat. They also prepared an extra salad without onion for me.

The Meal

Tapas is originally a Spanish dish. This, was a very Norwegian version. Consisting of bread, smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, patties, smoked and not smoked pork, sausages, potatoes, potato salad and tomato salad. The scrambled eggs were excellent, with fresh chives on top. The smoked salmon was a bit on the salty side, and clearly from smoke acid and not actually smoked on wood. The patties and pork were both nice flavor wise, but so dry that a proper sauce would have been beneficial. On this account the tomato salad, which was just tomato in balsamico, helped a bit. The pork had a marinade which was quite good. The potatoes had an excellent sauce, and were the best of all the dishes. All over, a fairly good meal, without any real surprises.


FODMAP-friendly at Sherryhaugen

This is how my platter looked after serving myself

Thanks to the initial conversation I had with the owner, I knew exactly which of the dishes I could eat from safely. In my situation, picking so freely from a buffet is rather unusual. It had a small taste of liberty to it. A short time after I had sat down one of the employees approached me and inquired if I wanted some gluten free bread. I both applaud the service of buying the bread and inquiring me about it. However, the best part was that they had not placed the gluten free bread out on the buffet, since it was only meant for me. Most people are not aware of how gluten spreads by contact, and other customers could easily have used the same knife or cutting board on both breads. Which inevitably, would leave the bread no longer so gluten free.


Sherryhaugen diner offers good traditional Norwegian food. Without any large surprises, but still of quality. If the desire is a nice locale with room for many or few, nice view and an excellent service then Sherryhaugen may just be the place to go. The staff make up for some lack of knowledge with good communication. The result is safe food, as long as you take the initiative to inform them properly. Allergists will leave Sherryhaugen feeling full and well.

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