First entry on new blog!

Now I’ve actually been grinding my head about this with blogging so much tonight that the clockwork of my head kept me awake. I’m looking forward to tomorrow, I’ll be dead tired half the day. That will just have to be, we’re now ready, set, and go!

So, why a blog?

I have several reasons. The past few years my life have been turned somewhat up-side down by health issues. Specifically FODMAP-intolerance, (which is better explained in the link on the menu bar), knee injuries, and my psyche. My intention with this blog is not to generate empathy and make people feel sorry for me. Rather, I’d like to show that one can prevail in the face of opposition, and work with your body, rather than against it. It’s a way for me to keep things a little bit more organized than my head appears to manage. And, somewhat of a personal crusade in the errand of public education.

We’ve only barely started. But, now I’ll give my pillow another chance.

Meanwhile, enjoy some incredibly cute fox pictures. I mean, who can resist this cuteness? Make a guess at which species are depicted here.



Goodnight <3

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