Sarah Elizabeth revealing the truth about narcolepsy

The bravery of Sarah Elizabeth

In this video posted on youtube, a young woman named Sarah Elizabeth attempts to make a Japanese dance instruction. However, she accidentally records herself in a series of narcolepsy and cataplexy attacks. When I first discovered this video I was awe-struck twice over. First by the boldness of this lovely woman, who dares share such a vulnerable part of her self with the world. And secondly, at the abrupt nature of the conditions she suffers from. I have only heard a little about narcolepsy, but never understood it. And cataplexy was completely unknown to me. The main reason why I share this, however, is how inspiring Sarah Elizabeth is. She shows good spirit and strength in the middle of these attacks. The video is a little scary to watch, but very educational. So do take a look.

Spot on in the spirit of my blog, Sarah Elizabeth does not just endure her condition, she appears empowered in overcoming it. She shares this video for educational purposes. And for me, it triggered the need to find out more. Wikipedia offers an extensive post on narcolepsy and a slightly shorter one on cataplexy. From reading the comments on her video, and the Wikipedia posts. I gather there is a lot of ignorance about this condition. In a different video posted by Sarah people are commenting that she should just exercise more. As if working out will change the chemical balance in your brain..  People can be awfully judgemental. So please share, there is a world out there in need of enlightenment.

And if anyone fell in love with the semi-relevant dog picture, it can be downloaded for free here.

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