I am a Passive Smoker!

Passiv røyker eller aktiv, å innhalere dette er farlig.

I am a Passive Smoker

Passive smoking is dangerous

So is it dangerous? Yes, not just the part you inhale, the stuff you exhale is a hazard to others.

Well, now I have said it. I absolutely hate smoking. Both what it does to the body, and the allergy-like reactions smoking gives me. And still, I am a passive smoker. Completely unwilling. It is impossible to move around in the public areas of the city without inhaling this pesticide named nicotine. And yes, I find the term pesticide to be highly appropriate. The tobacco plant produces nicotine as an insecticide to kill insects which would otherwise harm it. Imagine, to volunteerily inhale an insecticide! It is beyond my comprehencion why anyone would so such a thing. Anyway, that shall be up to them. Regardless of my personal opinions people are free to do what they like to their own bodies. I am principally against such moral laws whose sole purpose is to ban things that certain segments of society dislike. On the other hand, it is with great frustration that I am forced to be a passive smoker merely because other people want to have a cig.

Passive Smoking is a Health Hazard

The health hazard of smoking is well-known. It has likewise been proven to be equally hazardous to be a passive smoker. This video brilliantly illustrates the difference between healthy lungs, and those of a long time smoker. I am convinced mine are not quite like the healthy ones anymore, due to me being a passive smoker.

The Smoking Laws

I am old enugh to recall how things were before the smoking law was enacted. One could hardly dine or have a drink outside without finding one self in an air thick with smoke. It actually prevented my movement in public space as I back then had rather severe allergic reactions provoked by the smoke. The smoking law permitted me to enjoy dining out without the itchy, runny, nose, eyes and throat.

Smoking and passive smoking alike kills

One of the first anti-smoking measures were these labels on the packages.

Recently the Norwegian smoking laws set down further restrictions on smoking. Paragraph 25 begins thus: “I lokaler og transportmidler hvor allmennheten har adgang skal lufta være røykfri. Det samme gjelder i møterom, arbeidslokaler og serveringslokaler. Utendørs inngangspartier til helseinstitusjoner og offentlige virksomheter skal være røykfrie.” Roughly translated it states: “In buildings and means of transportation available to the public the air should be free of smoke. The same applies to meeting rooms, labor offices and dining areas. Outside entrances to health institutions and public offices shall be free of smoke.”Unfortunately, this law is not particularly strictly enforced. And way too many people simply do not give a damn. No less than two days ago I saw a tram driver standing right outside the tram at Majorstua in Oslo, with a cigarette in hand. Now, of course, she should be permitted a smoke during the break. The problem is that she stood right out side the open tram door and you would see with the naked eye how the smoke drifted straight inside the tram. That is in direct violation of §25. I was happy to have just left the tram, and not be on my way on board.

Similar situations occur on a daily basis. People stand smoking at the very entrance to public offices.In fact, you should praise yourself lucky to find an entrance where you are not forced to inhale the poison at the University of Oslo at daytime. Even though some of the faculties have began to put up smoking prohibited signs and moved the ashtrays further away. No, I do not want to inhale your poison. You make me a passive smoker without even considering if that is alright with me. By all means, you are more than welcome to impair your own health, but show some consideration for others. When you stand right outside a public building where non-smokers have business inside, you do not give them any options. It is stepping on their rights, and in direct violation of Norwegian law. Start considering your others.


Now, on a bit of a side note. During my experiments to illustrate this post I found a positive thing about smoke. It can be quite pretty! Just have a glance.This is not even photoshopped.

Vakker passiv røykbluezipsmoke

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